Attention is power. Reclaim yours.

Learn a startlingly effective, simple new way to: 

  • Get your focus back when you’re feeling scattered
  • Put your attention where it will do the most good.
  • Take responsibility for what’s yours.
  • Free your awareness to respond in a brand new way. 

The 4 Questions for Inner Alignment process was originally developed by Clinical Hypnotherapist/Life Coach Trina Brunk as a way to help her clients quickly tap into their inner wisdom and healing capacity. 

Now it’s available for YOU to use as a practical self-care tool. 

What people are saying

I felt much more in tune with my breath . . .
more able to hold a solid space for myself.

— Rachel Monson

I am more focused and less anxious...

Tina Sias

I was able to get to a calm and peaceful state
very quickly in a gentle and natural way.
This is amazing work!

— David Hwang

I feel much more integrated and natural
in my whole being.

Dani Lunn

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